Friday, May 15, 2009

May 13, 2009 - Fluxbuntu

The Fluxbuntu project has been around for several years now. This Linux distro is best known for being versatile and light-weight, requiring very little in the way of memory or CPU power.

This distro puts fast, simple computing ability into the realm of possibility for older machines, which have a terrible tendency to get scrapped at the first sign of trouble. The main reason for this is Fluxbuntu's bloat-free software accessories and the Fluxbox display manager, which runs several orders of magnitude lighter than Gnome, KDE, or Xfce.

Jeff and I have recently contacted the Fluxbuntu team, with the hope of putting me to work developing a Linux distro. I believe we spoke with project driver Joe Jackson, who encouraged our participation.

Fluxbuntu was last released for Ubuntu 7.10, and as such is obsolete. Were the project to be revitalized and a Hardy release to come out, the project would be able to hold up on normal LTS updates until the release of Karmic Koala, becoming an LTS-only project. This would be much more sustainable, as the Fluxbuntu team is currently short-handed.

It is my hope that the Fluxbuntu team will have some use for my meager Linux skills, and that if nothing else I am able to provide support, even if a new release is too far off.

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